How To Survive Traveling With a Toddler

How To Survive Traveling With a Toddler

Travelling is one of the best gifts you would offer to your children and the best time to spend with your family, it’s just like a challenge. But travelling with toddler is not easy as we think!

Toddlers are different from babies, they are much bigger and more likely to have developed and independent streak. In simple, they just need more space in every single thing.

Before planning to travel with your toddler make sure to know complete details about the flight that helps to access your Childs personality. While budget is the final destination factor and your sanity worth too.

So, here are best tips to follow while travelling with your toddler to enjoy whole trip.

Tips For Travelling With A Toddler

1. Maintain Perfect Timing

Pick the right time to travel with your toddler. If your toddler needs full night sleep to be active throughout the day then don’t choose to go for 6am flight.

Don’t and ever pick a flight that flops before you plan to leave. According to me mid morning flights are best for travelling with your toddlers which give you enough time to wake up at a reasonable hour.

2. Bring Baby Carrier

Most of the parents neglect to bring baby carrier, but it is the greatest tool to keep your toddler safe in your arms wherever you go. The carrier can be particularly good for getting your toddler sleep on you.

3. Prepare Two Packing Strategies

You actually need to prepare two different configurations while travelling with your toddler.

Plan ahead to put all your baby’s food, liquids and other stuff in a Ziploc bag and leave it at the top where it is easily accessed. Once you’re airborne and everyone settled it’s easy for you to dig in to the bag as needed for everything for your baby. The same goes for diapers, carry two handy and stash the rest at the bottom of the bag.

4. Electronics Are Must

American academy of pediatrics recommends no screen time for baby who are less than 2 years. But a little screen time while travelling with your baby can definitely be a life saver.

5. Bring Non Electronic Gadgets Too

Even though electronic gadgets can be amazing distractions but carrying some non electronic gadgets will help them be more active without any effects.

You are lucky enough to get 5-15 minutes sustained attention out of a TV show or movie for under 2, but carrying phone or tablets are cannot be the only entertainment you bring.

6. Bring Variety Of Snacks

For toddlers, food is the utmost entertainment. So, bring variety of toddler friendly food that loved by them. Double bonus if the food takes long time to eat.

7. Don’t Plan Sleep Until After Some Time In The Plane

Some toddlers attract to new environment and cannot sleep as per daily schedule. Trying to stick to it is waste of time, let the food and beverage service is finish and everyone settled down and there are far less distractions around. This will be the best time for baby to fall asleep.

8. Don’t Feel Stressed While Travelling

Stressed parents create stressed kids, so be chill and be calm. If your kid bugs out, that just how he goes. Feed him and take a walk with him in the flight and allow him to do what he wants (not completely) and distracted and the rest is crapshoot.

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