How to Pack Light and Travel Like a Minimalist

How to Pack Light and Travel Like a Minimalist

If you’re an over packer by nature and want to enjoy with light weight of luggage for more fun, joy and adventurous like a minimalist, here are some tips to follow.

Many people love to travel and they want to carry everything with them excluding weather and occasion. But the thing is can we travel light in all whether and setting and have fun too? Yes, of course if you follow the following tips, you can just travel like a minimalist with light weight.

How To Pack Light And Travel Like Minimalist

The following tips will help you to travel like a minimalist.

1. Choose Small Bag For Packing

Well, all of us have a habit of filling everything in a bag even when we don’t need it, it’s a human tendency. But limiting yourself to a smaller piece of luggage can avoid you from tossing items that you really don’t need.

Compared to large luggages, small luggage and bags are easy to carry. So organize all items in a small bag and use few cubes to organize the space, it just look like a tiny sets of dresser drawers you can through over your shoulders.

2. Make A List Of Items

Minimalist packing is all about packing only essential things and avoiding those you don’t really need. Make a list of everything you need for your destination and reduce your toiletries and makeup products, just carry toothpaste with tooth brush, soap, shampoo, lotion and deodorant.

You can even replace those daily toiletry products with multipurpose soap, shampoo and toothpaste that require only a little space in your bag.

3. Extend Your Wears

Like you don’t need to wash every cloth you wear just for once, most of the clothes can be worn at least twice before they need a wash. Even some clothing made of anti fabric can go longer than you think. For long trips, pack 5-7 worth clothing and don’t forget that you can use hotel washing service to keep your clothes clean.

4. Never Forget To Pack Double Duty Items

Pack essentials that have more than one purpose, just like Turkish travel towel which can be used as a scarf, towel, pillow, park blanket or beach blanket upon arrival. Make sure to pack these types of items and carry container of snacks that can be refilled with left overs or things to munch while sightseeing.

5. Carry Mix And Match Items

Even though it is helpful and useful for preplanning outfits , it’s more important to mix them with other outfits and match with other items in multiple ways.

Don’t try to pack anything that can be worn once and cannot be matched with other outfits (Until unless you need something special or fancy in an important event).

6. Be Honest With Yourself

When you have already decided to travel, keep in mind that the amount of time you have for this trip, the pace you like to travel and how you felt in your last trip, what you missed in your last trip and want to try in this trip while planning.

Don’t carry the things that really don’t make any sense just like the books you don’t read and the shoes you don’t wear. Brutal honest with the dash of reality will save your space of sanity.

7. Schedule Everything On Time

Whether you want to see everything in the place of destination or spend little time with your family and friends in this trip, whatever it may be just plan it out accordingly with the time.

Take time to rest in parks and enjoy spending evening times in beach or try something adventurous.

According to me, travelling is a great way to learn something new without depending on others and use your own strength to get everything right. Travelling minimally is the best way to prove yourself that you have everything you need at all times.

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