12 Things Every Traveler Should Pack

12 Things Every Traveler Should Pack

As a traveler, when travelling from one place to other place packing is pivotal. Forgetting an essential item in your trip leaves you disappointed and scrambling to find the nearest store in your destination. And packing too much will leave you with burden of heavy bags to carry everywhere.

Depending on where you travelling, your packing list will vary like cold weather destinations require layers and long johns, whereas warm weather requires bathing suits and flip flops.

However, most basic packing list includes clothes, shoes, money, charging chords and other day to day requirements. You can easily get through the vacation without these items, but sticking to the same necessities might make you fall in risk.

So, that’s the reason we have included 12 things that every traveler must pack along with their daily necessities to prevent the little disappointments and enjoy the trip to the peaks.

12 Things Every Traveler Should Pack

1. Copies Of Travel Documentation

Make sure to carry multiple copies of your travel documents, so that you can protect yourself even if the originals were lost or damaged. You still have a chance to prove your identity and return back to your home.

2. Emergency Contact Card

In case of emergencies, it’s good to have card full of useful information about you and it helps if someone needs to contact the right people for you.

So, create a credit sized card that can fit in to your pocket and fill it with all right and useful information about you like name, passport number, emergency contact, mobile number and even blood group.

3. First Aid Kid

It’s always better to carry a small kit of first aid box and all the necessary medications whatever you may need in case you get hurt or end up eating something you shouldn’t have as they may not be accessible.

So, it’s essential to carry your first aid kit with you while you are travelling.

4. Pens

People often tend to forget to pack writing utensils with them while travelling, which is a simple thing to overlook. It makes you feel quite comfortable when you have it handy and you really don’t know when you’ll need to write down anything for yourself.

5. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are essential to put all your dirty clothes and unused clothes or you may end up purchasing to keep them away from your belongings.

6. Portable Charger

It’s always better to carry portable charger that helps to keep your electronic devices charged and ready as you’re travelling from one destination to the other. Make sure the charger is ready to go before you head out of your hotel.

7. Scarf

Whether to keep warm or to make your outfit more stylish or even to cover your head, extra long scarf is quite enough to make you feel comfort. Scarfs have amazing versatility, so you shouldn’t miss to keep one with you while travelling.

8. Comfortable Footwear

Whether it’s a pair of flip flops or a pair of slippers, travelers tend to enjoy solid layer between feet and the floor.  So, comfortable shoes are essential you can’t afford to be without.

9. Pillow

Pillow will literally save your head on a flight or a long ride in the car. Better choose standard neck pillow you can clip on to your carry on or squeeze in to crevice in your bag.

However, you will provide with a flat pillow in the flight that may not satisfy you while travelling. So neck pillow will keeping getting a crick in your neck.

10. Head Phones

We never forget to carry smart devices like smart phones and tablets along with us while travelling. But, we tend to forget to carry head phones along with us. Even though airlines provide cheap set of headphones to enjoy travelling, carry your own head phones throughout your trip to make it more remember able.

11. Small Journal

This one is a personal preference, if you want your trip as one of the best experiences in your life, then you has to make note of everything you go through while travelling. It is not necessary to write all your thoughts in a book, you can even make a digital journal to share with your friends or family about the trip.

12. Wet Wipes

Carrying wet wipes is the best idea and a great option when you don’t have to shower right away in your hotel rooms. It’s not a bad idea to keep some wet wipes along with you while travelling  or in the hand for a quick hand wipe when you’re on go.

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