10 Things to Know For Americans Traveling to Europe For the First Time

10 Things to Know For Americans Traveling to Europe For the First Time

If you have planned to visit Europe this summer, let me tell you this is one of the best decision you’ve ever made in your life. Europe is one of those awesome continents which have incredibly wonderful things to explore throughout the day without any tiredness.

You will find many things to see, do, adventure and even to taste delicious food. However, am here to help you some important things you would know as an American before starting your journey to Europe. All these things will help you to have a wonderful visit with lots of excitement and fewer worries.

Here Are 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Europe As An American

#1. Dollars Are Weak In Most Parts Of Europe

As an American, you might think it’s quite easy to deal with Euros and pounds in the new place as a straight exchange. But, this is the blunder mistake you would do, when you actually check your bank account or credit card, because the dollar is very weak, especially in some places of Western Europe.

#2. Elevators Aren’t Readily Available For The People With Disabilities

Unless you seek out the accommodations, you need to struggle with public transportations and to stay in hotels without elevators.

Remember every country is different regarding requirements for those with a disability. Make sure to plan accordingly.

#3. Train Are Best Option To Travel

Well, most Americans don’t use trains for transformation except in some key areas. But, trains are the affordable and easily accessible transport from one heart of the city to other in Europe.

In some cases, it might feel like too much expensive than a flight at first blush, but it give you the opportunity to see Europe in different view.

#4. Carrying Cash Is Still Important

You might feel its okay to carry your credit card everywhere you go, but isn’t always the case in Europe.

Especially if you want to shop a little of the grid or find yourself in remote control areas cash becomes more important. Carrying cash is absolutely good idea and avoid costly exchange offices popping up everywhere in Europe.

#5. Global Entry Is Worth It

This isn’t just for travelling Europe, but if you have a global entry then know that  it worth it.

You can skip long lines in the airport and make yourself comfort and you automatically have TSA pre check. However, depending on where you live it can take lots of time to get an appointment.

#6. Most Of The Cars Are Manual

Renting a car is a great way to go around Europe, especially if you’ve been in the countries where you’re still driving on the right hand side.

However, the vast majority of cars in Europe are manual. If you don’t want to try and learn abroad, it’s better to stick with other forms of transportation.

#7. You Will Find Multiple Voltage Requirements

When choosing or buying a voltage converter for your phone or laptop, make sure you can plug it in the device and change the voltage as per your requirement.

Because, different European countries have different voltage requirements, so find out the best one and seek out converters that can use in multiple purposes.

#8. Save A Bundle Through House Sharing Service

Make sure to check the best price of the hotel with all comfortable options. However, you don’t get your favorite options like gym in Europe country.

#9. You May Tip Too Much

In most of the restaurants in Europe, tipping is expected about 10 percent. Americans are probably known for over tipping in Europe and you certainly won’t be turned away.

#10. Try To Speak The Language

This is the best part you can do to yourself. Even if you know little phrases, attempting to speak in the local language is appreciated and you might even get a better deal just for trying.

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