The Best Places to Travel in September

The Best Places to Travel in September

The lazy, hazy days of summer are over, and you are planning to visit the best places that gives you comfort in this September season. Struggling to decide for choosing destinations? Then here we go with best places to travel especially in September.

The northern hemisphere is cooling off and dropping its prices as throngs of tourist return home and many places in southern hemisphere are urging for winter.

Here are few places that prove travelling in September is the brilliant idea.

Best Places To Travel In September

1. Costa Rica

In September, costa rica area can be complete write off with feet of rain causing much of the tourist industry shut up shop.

But, the central region isn’t quite as bad, and this is the best place to see floura flourishes and wild life. You can also find some excellent surfing conditions, if you don’t mind of becoming wet.

2. Venice, Italy

September is the best time to watch special event happening in Vienna called Annual Regita Storica. This Festivals start with a “peagent by locals in 16 century style boats rennacting the last queen of Cyprus” return to the city.

Don’t forget to watch all action from a waterfront or from a floating grandstand in the lagoon.

3. China

China is a huge country and it takes lots of time to cover this country. After summer is the best time to see all usual tourist sites like the great wall, pandas, terracotta warriors, or to go somewhere that gives you inner peace.

You will get little easier for tickets to visit any tourist spot, and this will make you to avoid crush of Octobers golden week national holiday.

4. Barcelona

To visit this colorful city Barcelona, September would be perfect to watch the largest annula festival called “fiesta die la merce” is in full swing.

Generally by the end of august all tourist will left, but the warmer weather sticks around the month ahead, so that you can enjoy scenic views from one of the cities rooftop bars.

5. Dana Point, California

If you love to travel in ships, then go and visit this place to go back to time at the tall ship festival held at Dana point harbor in California.

You can enjoy live music, with cast beer tastings and food trucks all over the place. Have a blast at mock cannon battles between ships where you can participate and act as the part of the crew or just to enjoy the 1770’s scene in front of you!

6. Yosemite National Park

Even in September, California is quite good and warm enough to stay back for longer time, but the nights are cooler and autumn colors are begin to show and tourist numbers are begin to multiple.

This place can get crowded on the weekends, so it’s better to plan accordingly to enjoy all the things that happen in Yosemite.

There’s half Dome mountain and cathedral peak, the waterfall maiden list trial and many incredible views from the top, there’s so much to do in Yosemite. So get up early and hop on a shuttle bus and see as much as you can.

7. Cyprus

This is one of the best places of temperature averaging a 30 degrees and 12 hours of sunshine to enjoy each day. This unsettled history of this small medditarenean island also forms a big part of the intrigue.

Don’t forget to visit lefkosia, the last divided capital where you can experience Turkish and Greek culture. And take a dip in crystal clear waters of laze islands on sun soaked beaches and in addition sit down to all manner delicious dishes of Cypriot.

8. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the beautiful cities in USA and September is the wonderful time, when the California dreams kick in, all clear blue skies and certified sun. Soak up those cherished rays with tech wunderkinds where flamboyant sunbathers fill palm dotted Dollars Park.

Plan your weekend to visit palace called Art deo movie palace. Or visit wine yard seldom looks more beautiful when it is soaked in autumn’s warm glow.

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