9 Tips to Finally Stop Over Packing

9 Tips to Finally Stop Over Packing

Long travel destinations need lot of patience and proper planning to enjoy the trip to peaks. So, when you are headed to travel longer distance for many days, you might feel the need to bring everything along with you excluding kitchen sink!

With lots of excitement and hurries, there is no wonder when you wind up with overweight bag and injury from hauling it around.

So, here are 9 tips for those people who want to stop over packing and to enjoy the trip as they planned.

9 Tips To Stop Over Packing

1. Start With Small Bag Or Suit Case

While travelling, don’t choose large or big bags or suit cases to place all your utensils and things you need for trip. Choose the small one, because you’re likely to fill up all the things you don’t need just because you have space in your bag.

I am damn sure you’ll regret it when it’s time to carry your bag through airport.

2. Pack Your Favorite Things

Pack things which makes you feel comfortable all time and fills you with confidence. Don’t choose the one you don’t like to have it anywhere or things you rarely wear or just don’t look the way you want to.

3. Decide Comfortable Outfit For A Day

Rather than packing jumbled items in your bag you think you might need, just go for itinerary day by day and layout complete outfit for each one. So that you will get better idea of what you’ll actually use or wear.

4. Choose Simple Shoes

Shoes are big issues for many people to travel, they want several different pairs for different occasions which can add bulk of weight to luggage.

It’s better to choose simple one or better choose that have multipurpose like which can withstand with a run and work for casual sightseeing too.

5. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are best to avoid overstuffed luggage. Using packing cubes will help you to pair up items together and help you to keep everything in organized manner. It will also help to condense your items down to save space.

6. Coordinate Items With Your Travel Companion

If you are travelling with your friend or relative, make sure to decide a head of time who will bring toiletries like sunscreen, toothpaste, so that you don’t double up.

7. Pack More Tops And Less Bottoms

Try to pack more tops when compared with bottoms that suits for any type of outfit. The best thumb rule is just pack items that you can wear with at least two other pieces in the suitcase.

8. Only Pack For Definite Plans

If you get a chance to attend mid night party, then don’t miss the chance to wear fancy dress. Go shopping in the new place and buy your favorite things which remain as memorable events in your life.

9. Do Laundry

Even though doing laundry before a trip doesn’t sound like that much fun, but it helps you to save paying for service halfway through your trip can easily carry far less clothing which can be considered as worthwhile investment.

If you’re travelling to a country where the cost of living is too low or exchange rate is advantageous then you can choose hotel laundry service which is affordable. It’s a good feeling to get your laundry washed and folded without working hard.

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